Trident Anti-Corrosive Fitting

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Twin fitting, fluorescent impact resistant replacement in 2ft, 4ft and 5ft including integral emergency versions

Key features

✓ Outstanding performance, exceeding 100Lm/W

✓ 30W | 40W | 50W

✓ 5000K

✓ IP65 rated, suitable for interior and exterior applications

✓ IK09 impact resistant

✓ Integral emergency and sensor options available

✓ Supplied with “Secure mounting clips”

✓ Pre-wired

✓ Applications: car parks, warehouses, factories, garden centres


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What is industrial lighting and why it’s important?
Lighting areas such as warehouses, factories, distribution centres, assembly plants, workshops and any other industrial premise, is widely known as industrial lighting.
The diversity of industries that need industrial lighting solutions is high, however the two more distinct categories are manufacturing facilities and warehousing/ distribution facilities.
Manufacturing facilities need task lighting that helps workers perform duties such as operating machinery and assembling parts with the maximum safety. This type of lighting should be free of distracting glare and shadows/ black spots while being bright enough to prevent eye strain.
Warehousing/ distribution facilities are usually big areas that may face conditions such as high dust, dirt and humidity levels as well as extremely low temperatures or even be exposed to outdoor weather conditions. Therefore, they require reliable and efficient lighting configurations featuring high resistance, minimum maintenance and long life.
The development of LED technology has made industrial lighting even more important as it can be a key factor in cutting operational costs, improving safety and productivity and complying with environmental policies and other legislative regulations that are becoming increasingly stringent.

Why choose RICOMAN for your industrial lighting solutions?
At RICOMAN we know that a comfortable work environment is critical to optimising industry efficiency and worker productivity while keeping high safety standards. Having provided lighting solutions for various industrial premises, such as the AKW Freight Centre in Trafford Park, we believe that good lighting can make a workplace safer and less tiring, which is translated in fewer accidents, lower fault and reject levels and better overall productivity.
All our industrial LED fittings ensure optimum reliability and long life, manufactured by first-class components, sourced by long established companies such as MeanWell, Epistar and BridgeLux. Our products offer an up to 7-year warranty with the most simple and straightforward terms in the market.
Our high bay, anti-corrosive and multi-purpose industrial fittings are all IP65 rated, meaning that they are totally protected against dust and low-pressure jets of water. They can also perform well in temperatures from -35oC to +45oC and are IK09 rated and thus totally protected against 10 joules impact which is equivalent to impact of 5kg mass dropped from 200mm above impacted surface. This feature makes our industrial luminaires also suitable for areas such as sport halls.
Our lighting experts advise that different industrial areas have different lighting requirements. For example, areas such as high rack isles require adaptable luminaires. Different environments may also need specific light distribution. Our Canopus Multi-Purpose Fitting is the perfect solution with its unique modules providing adjustable beam angles between 120o and 180o. Jupiter high bay comes with two different diffusers, offering option for a 60o or 120o beam angle.
Versatility is also a key factor, which is covered by Canopus stirrup arm that allows unlimited mounting position angles, further increasing the many installation options available. Increasingly important in all lighting installations is also controlling glare and light pollution. Canopus polycarbonate diffusers ensure visual comfort and effective light spillage requirements. Meteor Linear Batten comes with an anti-glare reflector and our high bay offers the option for an aluminium or acrylic shade. Some of our industrial fittings also provide emergency and PIR sensor options and have TPa rated diffusers, which means that they have no restriction on extent of use according to the Fire Safety of the Building Regulations.
If you are in the industrial sector and search for a partner in exploiting the potential of state-of-the-art LED lighting systems, contact us to discuss what we can do for you. After all, we don’t just supply light fittings, we provide lighting solutions.


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