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Arguably one of the most important sectors of lighting is health care lighting. From clinics, care facilities, hospitals to rehabilitation centres the correct lighting is vital to ensure not merely the illumination of rooms but in creating a lighting environment focused around the patient and clinician. Balancing all the requirements of health care lighting can be a difficult task however our lighting design team highly technical astute with the breadth of knowledge and design ability to ensure optimum lighting conditions.

In addition to improving health care spaces our LED lighting will also have the benefits of cost saving, lower maintenance , carbon and energy saving. Using specifically designed lighting solutions, we are able to meet the differing demands on the space dictated by lighting requirements, infection control, user experience and sustainability and deliver high quality, low energy solutions.

Patients and healthcare workers
The effect of lighting on human health and performance levels can often be mistakenly overlooked. We are experts in creating a humancentric lighting environment that will blend the needs of both healthcare professionals and patients alike. 

Reduce Costs
Energy costs continue to be a major challenge for hospitals and healthcare providers due to the ever increasing energy costs. This task can be made easier by switching to LED lighting, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 50% with LED lighting and up to 80% through lighting controls to help to comply with energy legislation and support sustainability targets. Typically lighting can account for over 35% of the electricity used in an average hospital* which is why a well thought out lighting scheme with energy and cost calculations is essential for any healthcare provider.

Help the environment
The NHS and the majority of the healthcare industry have a commitment to a Sustainable Future, with climate change being one of the greatest threats to our health and wellbeing they understand that they have a key role to play in reducing carbon emissions and supporting local people to adapt to climate change. Many healthcare organisations have developed sustainability plans to take a more positive approach, seeking opportunities to make the healthcare services sustainable for generations to come. 

Enhanced comfort 
Our luminaires are designed with comfort at the forefront, ensuring we are producing a low UGR in our schemes. Our luminaires can help to enhance spaces and the working environment to create a relaxing and welcoming environment. 


Not many applications demand such complex lighting solutions as the healthcare sector, there are strict specifications to be adhered with in order to create a compliant lighting scheme which produces an optimum lighting environment. Health care professionals require different lighting conditions in order to complete tasks that require high levels of concentration. There also needs to be a well thought out process for providing an optimum lighting environment for patients and visitors alike. Lighting consequently must also be used which meets the needs and preferences of many different groups of individuals in various situations. It has been well documented that lighting can affect mood and well-being. For this reason we are constantly developing and evolving our products to meet the requirements of the user and taking advantage of the latest technology available. Our product development team also use information gathered from the results of international research studies







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